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Specializing in septic systems and related work since 1989, we continually strive to provide the most comprehensive septic services in South Dakota. We are local, so we know the area. With so many years of experience we have learned to use the right products to get the job done right the first time. Some of the products we use are:


Do you have backed up plumbing or notice a bad odor? Perhaps you’ve noticed effluent leakage or lush grass over the disposal field? If you believe your septic system is failing, a SludgeHammer may be just the remedy. Hills Septic and Portable Toilets has been installing SludgeHammers for years on failed septic systems. There will be an immediate improvement in septic tank functions. Call Hills Septic and Portable Toilets today to determine if a SludgeHammer is the answer to your failing septic system. For more information see SludgeHammer.net.


The AquaSafe® series of advanced aerobic treatment units are designed to treat domestic wastewater from residential homes, multiple homes, or light commercial applications. The wastewater is treated by the patented AquaSafe® process and the highly treated effluent is disposed of per state regulations by multiple disposal applications. See etiaquasafe.com for more information. We are a preferred dealer and installer for the state of South Dakota.


Hills Septic and Portable Toilets recommend installing Poly or Tuf-tite risers & lids on your septic tank to bring access to ground level. This will prevent costly digging fees every time your septic tank needs to be services and makes for quick and easy service in case of an emergency. Polylok or Tuf-tite lids blend in with the grass and are secure to meet Meade and Pennington County codes.

Riser sizes:

  • 1” adapting ring
  • 3” adapting ring
  • 6” riser
  • 12” riser

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