Septic System Inspections

A REAL ESTATE INSPECTION is performed when selling a home with a septic system. This inspection is usually at the request of the seller, the buyer or the lending institution.

Hills Septic and Portable Toilets has been performing septic inspections for many years. We have been trained and certified through NAWT, NEHA, NOWRA and local government entities. We have developed a septic inspection procedure that is clear and thorough and is sure to satisfy all parties involved in the real estate transfer process.


We need to begin by gathering some basic information about your home and property. These questions include…

  • What is the home’s address?
  • What is the age of home?
  • Age of system, is it the original system?
  • How many bedrooms does the home have?
  • How many occupants reside in the home?
  • Is the house occupied at the time of this inspection?
  • Is there a garbage disposal?
  • Is there a well on the property?
  • What is the location of the well?
  • Where is the septic tank lid located?
  • Is the lid above ground level?
  • Have there been any problems, or potential problems with the septic system?
  • Have there been any repairs made to the system?
  • How long have you owned this property?
  • What type of maintenance schedule was your septic tank on?

It is important to locate a diagram and/or information page about your septic system. If the homeowner does not have this information, we will contact the county planning and zoning department to see if they have the information. If information does not exist we will create a sketch at the time of the inspection. This will be a visual sketch, and may not be accurate.

Once this information has been gathered, we are ready to schedule your septic inspection and tank pumping. When we arrive at your home, it will be necessary to run water from inside the house to check plumbing fixtures. It is necessary to run between 200 to 500 gallons of water through the system to see how the system responds to a day’s worth of water usage.

Next, we will open up the septic tank to check the water level, run water through the system, then pump the tank, check the baffles and check the condition of the tank.

After the inspection has been completed and payment has been made we will send out a completed inspection report. For your convenience, we can often fax or email the report to you or your realtor. We accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.

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